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2020 Walterboro Pro Rodeo

May 1st and 2nd Our 30th annivesary!

Gates open at 6pm - Show starts at 8pm - 2 Kids under 10 years of age are free with one paying adult

Tickets ~ $25.00


The Walterboro Pro Rodeo loves our lil' rustlers! We strive for a family friendly enviroment and special have events taylored just for the little ones, so bring the whole family! 


The best stock contractor in the business! With 30 years of experience producing championship rodeos. You can be assured, a Ken Treadway Rodeo will always be a colorful and exciting...


Without our sponsors the Walterboro Pro Rodeo would not be possible. Please take the time to visit each and every one and thank them for their support. 

Double D Arena


When you find yourself needing a place to stall your horse or horses over night. At the Double D Arena, we have just the place for your horse. We offer clean and safe stalls and a pasture for your horse....


     On January 3rd, at my son’s insistence we went to Oklahoma to the International Professional Rodeo Finals. We had been told I was to receive an award and Mark insisted I attend to receive it. Goodness I am so glad I did. He, Mark had made all the arrangements from flights to hotel, etc. Had the time of my life… Thank you Mark.

     Arrived in Oklahoma City to find a whole bunch of Cowboys and Cowgirls I knew from all the past Walterboro Pro Rodeo’s. I never realized so many of them had been here as a contestant or performer and Walterboro, SC is as well-known as it is. I was both shocked and thrilled. You folks probably don’t remember a clown “Bud”, he was the 1st Rodeo Clown here and came a couple of times in the 1st 5 years. Another Rodeo Clown, Hollywood Harris, was also there. Those are just a couple of the various folks I had the pleasure of seeing and catching up on the “well let me tell you”. So much fun…

     Then the shock came when the awards were given during the Banquet. The Walterboro Pro Rodeo was asked to come up to the stand. I did, filling like a little ole lady, which I am, and the announcer said “I am sure most of you have been to the Walterboro Pro Rodeo in Walterboro, SC. Well, this the little lady that started it and continues to put it own. If you all notice, she is the only one up here, there is no committee, (laughter). She started it, works it today and does it herself.. It is the IPRA’s pleasure to present Tommie Derry, Walterboro Pro Rodeo, Walterboro, SC this award for 25 years. (See photo of award) Ms. Derry is the first woman promoter of Professional Rodeo. It is she that blazed the way for women. Again, we are very proud of her and all her accomplishments. There are an awful lot of you cowboys/cowgirls that know her personally and speak very highly of her and the warm welcome that not only she gives but the city of Walterboro, SC gives you.

     Needless to say I was over whelmed and grateful. I can assure each of you it will Always remain my fondest memory. I do have to end this with my forever saying “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of man”. Thank you God for such beautiful creatures.

The Double D Arena has been producing the Walterboro Pro Rodeo Since 1990

... but that is not all the Double D Has to offer. Here at the Double D Arena you can find horse play days and shows thru out the year. In 2012, we also had a circus come to town, right out here at the Double D Arena. Boy was that an exciting night for the whole family! Through out the year, we offer over night stabling for all the traveling Cowboy's and Cowgirl's. 

1256 Rodeo Drive
Walterboro, SC 20488

Phone: 843-893-3894